GardaWorld Team Saves NJ Motorists Following Crash

July 21, 2015

A fast response to an accident unfolding before their eyes on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway enabled GardaWorld employees Scott Hunterton and Marcello Innocenti to prevent a terrifying roll-over from turning tragic.

The GardaWorld Cash Services Officers team was on their daily route on the Parkway when they saw an SUV suddenly clip another vehicle right in front of them. The car flipped over repeatedly before coming to a stop on its roof.

“It looked like something at NASCAR,” Scott said, stating that the car flipped at least ten times.


Marcello immediately pulled over behind the overturned vehicle to prevent a further traffic pileup. Scott ran to the overturned vehicle, where two male occupants were trapped and tanged in their seatbelts.


“My first thought was ‘I’ve got to get these people out’.” Scott recalled. “If it was me, I would want someone to stop and help me.”  As he approached the vehicle, traffic kept going past the accident scene as if nothing had occurred.


Fearful that a sizzling sound indicated the vehicle would catch fire or explode, Scott quickly released the men from the seatbelts and pulled them out of the wreckage. He then called 911 and waited with the two men, who were not injured thanks to the seatbelts, for the State Police to arrive.


“I’ve seen a lot of crashes but never a crash like that,” Scott, who joined GardaWorld in 2011, said. “It happened so fast. It showed me that anything can happen during any given day and the importance of wearing seatbelts.”


Charles Roberge, Senior Vice President of Operations deeply admired the heroism displayed by the team, commenting, “This is the kind of integrity and sense of duty that makes our employees the leaders of our industry.”