Kayley Wan’s team helps Afghan women secure management roles down the road

Kabul, Afghanistan 

Her job is not for the faint of heart. Kayley Wan regularly finds herself faced with hostile engagements and has lost close friends under these circumstances. However, the work that she does is incredibly rewarding. Kayley is the Deputy Project Risk Manager on an assignment that seeks to empower and mentor Afghan women for future careers in management roles—an end goal that she believes is worth pursuing. 


Kayley’s professional life is hectic and unpredictable, but she loves the uncertainty. A typical day involves running a team of 12 local Afghan men, ensuring operations run smoothly, providing personal protection, responding to incidents, and conducting site surveys. She’s also responsible for making sure her team’s equipment is in good working order and that their vehicles are maintained. To top it off, Kayley conducts training with her team and local staff. “My job requires me to remain at a heightened level of awareness for long periods of time, which can be physically and mentally draining.” But she’s up for the challenge. 


Her military experience certainly helped groom her for success in her current role. After working in security as a door supervisor at nightclubs, Kayley joined the Royal Military Police in the United Kingdom as a reservist. During that time, she was deployed to Helmand Province in Afghanistan. She then took on two diplomatic contracts, including one on a PSD (personal security detail) team, before filling a management position at GardaWorld. “I consider working at GardaWorld to be a great opportunity for a successful and sustained career within the security industry.” 


In fact, Kayley believes that anybody interested in security with the right attitude and qualities has the potential to have a fulfilling career and be a valued member of the industry—irrespective of gender. A few of the attributes she cites are as follows: being decisive, having an analytical mind, staying calm under pressure, enjoying a challenge, and being a team player. Kayley loves working on a strong team. She adds: “Everyone possesses different attributes that contribute towards a team. Some may be physically built in a way that makes them a good deterrent, and some may have an eye for detail that can greatly enhance the awareness for a team and strengthen intelligence analysis for their area of operations.” 


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