Making Every Day at Garda a Perfect Day

October 31, 2011

As one of the most highly regarded Cash Logistics providers in North America, we at Garda settle for nothing less than perfection in everything we do.


 Our goal is to be the best operator in the industry and getting there requires a passionate and consuming focus on achieving perfection.  It is that commitment that made us the partner of choice for the leading financial institutions and retailers in the world.


So it was with goal in mind that we created The Perfect Day Program, an innovative approach to making sure that everyone at Garda strives for perfection each and every day.


We really started to think about what would constitute a Perfect Day and as we did three important things came to mind. A Perfect Day is one where no one in the company has an accident, gets injured or loses anything.


We began talking about the idea with people in the company and we agreed that achieving a Perfect Day takes effort. It doesn’t just happen.  We decided to create a program at Garda where we would have everyone focus on having “Perfect Days.”


At Garda Cash Logistics, we are committed to being the best in the industry and reducing accidents, injuries and losses demands a disciplined approach and concerted focus.


The “Perfect Day” program is simple.  Branch managers provide a daily status report noting accidents, injuries and losses and describing the event. That causes every branch to focus on preventing those events from occurring and therefore achieving a Perfect Day.


Reviewing incidents that do occur helps in preventing them from reoccurring. People are by nature competitive and each branch wants to win the distinction of having the longest string of Perfect Days. That is a powerful incentive influencing both individual and collective behavior.


The health, safety and security of our people are the key underpinnings of Garda’s performance-driven culture and the Perfect Day Program is helping everyone to strengthen that culture and make us the best operators in the industry.


At Garda, when we say “Have a Perfect Day,” we mean it!