Michael McSpadden wins ACE Award

October 14, 2016

At the 9th Annual Customer Summit this year in San Francisco, vCom Solutions rewarded Michael McSpadden of GardaWorld with an ACE Award in recognition of the value of technology management-as-a-service (TmaaS) and its transformative effect on business operations.

Standing for Accountability, Commitment and Engagement, the ACE Award acknowledges McSpadden’s work as having a positive impact on the success of both GardaWorld and vCom, with whom GardaWorld partners.

“It was an honour to recognize Michael of GardaWorld as an ACE Award winner, given to those who drive improvements to vCom’s products. We consider his team members as leaders in their industry for their accomplishments in managing their technology lifecycle, successfully. Congratulations to everyone at GardaWorld in receiving this award,” stated Gary Storm, CEO of vCom Solutions.

McSpadden, who heads GardaWorld IT operations in North America, works with vCom in connection with securing reliable communication services for GardaWorld Cash Services in the US and Canada as well as GardaWorld Protective Services in Canada. Providing the highest levels of availability to clients, McSpadden needs to keep over 200 locations in constant communication with GardaWorld data centres.

To accomplish this, every connection has both a primary and backup networks. To complicate matters, prices and options vary considerably from one location to another. To deal directly with carriers in every location would be grossly inefficient. Instead, vCom negotiates prices with the carriers, buys services wholesale and provides them to GardaWorld at substantial savings to the tune of three million dollars over the last four years. This cost effectiveness allows GardaWorld to deliver valuable savings to its clients while providing a highly visible network to serve their needs.

In the last year, large acquisitions of major clients required GardaWorld to roll out large networks in a short time. McSpadden pushed for changes within vCom’s processes in order to deliver on expectations and on time. This push to act outside the norm brought new levels of accountability as well as improvements to commitment and engagement throughout the entire process, with GardaWorld’s clients being the ultimate benefactors.

GardaWorld remains committed to partnering with the best companies throughout the supply chain to provide superior service to clients. McSpadden’s award reinforces GardaWorld’s success at implementing their policy of continual improvement, constantly pursuing new and innovative solutions  to evolving challenges.