Security team in St. John’s drives joy!

December 23, 2019

A community comes together to surprise Security Guard with a car 

“We meet people from all walks of life. And as authority figures, we should show kindness. It’s all about people helping people,” says James Colbourne, GardaWorld Security Site Supervisor at The Village Shopping Centre in St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

James started working in security at The Village Shopping Centre in 2010 and joined the GardaWorld family in 2015. Known for giving back to his community and spreading holiday cheer, James and his team of security guards helped organize a surprise for their fellow colleague, Doris, that would leave her speechless. 

On her way to work one day, Security Guard Doris had an unfortunate accident.

Her car was totaled. Police were on scene, and Doris called in her supervisor, James, explaining what had happened. He reassured Doris and told her to take the time she needed to recover from the traumatic incident. But Doris was determined to make it to work. And she did. 

Doris came in and completed her shift. Although she was saddened and concerned about what she would do in the meantime without a car, she kept going with a smile on her face. 

Inspired by Doris, a former member of the security team, who wishes to remain anonymous, wanted to do something to help. The individual was in the process of getting a new vehicle, so what better timing to donate his current car!  

Without Doris’s knowledge, the GardaWorld security team worked together, with the support of The Village Shopping Centre, to park the donated car outside in the lot and plan the grand surprise! 

Check out the video to see Doris’s reaction to this pleasant turn of events:

The team told Doris that they received notice of an abandoned vehicle in the Village parking lot. Upon inspection of the vehicle, Doris saw the driver’s side door was unlocked. She entered the vehicle, searching for the registration form in order to advise police of the vehicle’s owner.

Lo and behold, she finds the driver’s registration, and the car is in her name!  

Confused, Doris looks to her colleagues and announces, “The car is in my name, but it’s not my car. I don’t understand.” That’s when the team explains to Doris that the car is indeed hers. It was a gift! 

GardaWorld is so proud to have such a dedicated team of professionals. Together, we make all the difference, one gesture at a time.

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