Steve Berthelotte, Security Guard: “I feel I’ve found my place”

April 29, 2019

Steve Berthelotte, GardaWorld health sector employee


Steve Berthelotte, Security Guard, Montreal, QC


Steve is one of our 22,000 security guards in Canada. He is a man who takes pride in his work, is a team player and is passionate about emergency response. You can hear it in his voice, “The first times you ask yourself what you’re doing, then with experience, you still ask yourself, but it comes automatically.”


With GardaWorld for 18 years, he worked in multiple sectors, including the airport, hospitals and banks. The essence of the work remains the same, but the challenges in health and safety differ depending on the work environment.


At the Port of Montreal, Steve witnessed a collision between a train and a truck. First responder on site, he provided first aid to the truck driver. To help him maintain his calm, Steve asked routine questions while waiting for help to arrive.


In hospitals, safety and health are closely intertwined. Steve had to escort a man treated for gall out of the hospital. The patient was highly contagious and refused to leave the premises, posing a danger to other patients. Steve’s wife had just given birth to their second child and Steve was concerned about getting infected. He explains, “Gloves are not optional in this environment.”


At the Immigration Prevention Centre, where Steve is currently stationed, he is sometimes faced with altercations between inmates. This type of intervention, without the use of force, requires experience and ability to quickly analyze the situation. “The work of a Security Guard requires a respected enforcement authority and good self-control. I feel I’ve found my place,” concludes Steve.


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