Thank You to Our Veterans

November 1, 2017

Our veterans are admired for their integrity and vigilance, two very important values in our organization. Their leadership and team spirit contribute to the professionalism and strength of our team and to the growth of GardaWorld.

Our involvement, in partnership with the military employment transition organizations, facilitates the transition of military men and women and veterans who are seeking jobs in the civilian workforce. GardaWorld values veterans and their expertise and is launching a program that integrates and facilitates the inclusion of veterans within our workforce. The objective is to allow veterans to bloom professionally and act as mentors to the personnel joining our organization.

November 11 marks Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, and Armistice Day in several countries around the world; a day dedicated to recognizing and honouring the sacrifice, service, and courage of our veterans. Let us pay special tribute to these individuals.

At GardaWorld, we are especially proud and grateful to count veterans among us, and we thank them for contributing their experience and expertise to the security industry. 

We salute our veterans!


For veterans and other individuals looking to join the GardaWorld team, please visit our Careers Page.