A new level of security

A new level of security

At GardaWorld, we leverage customer service to enhance security without compromise, providing the right talent, in the right place, at the right time.

We are defined by our entrepreneurial spirit and our client-centric approach, which enables us to provide added-value services to our clients.

We see our customers as business partners. Together we strive to establish an integrated security program based on the ROI it generates for our clients.

People who demonstrate bravery in complex situations and accomplish impressive feats are considered heroes, but so are those who prevent regrettable incidents on a daily basis and help make Canada a better place to live.

The GardaWorld difference are the fruits of our culture of excellence in terms of:

  • seeking the most talented people of the security industry and inspiring them to do their best work
  • training our security professionals as per our clients’ most demanding requirements and beyond any provincial standards
  • delivering comprehensive solutions customized to each client’s specific needs
  • monitoring our clients’ operations and ensuring their business continuity
  • streamlining communications to continuously improve our service’s performance

The trust we extend and get back in return is the measure of the quality of our services; it means giving our clients clarity and confidence and always backing one another.

Welcome to a new level of security!