How Levina Beal Embraced her Career, and Never Stopped Learning

September 21, 2020

GardaWorld allowed Levina Beal, an employee of more than 20 years, to rise the ranks from security guard to branch manager, and pursue a law degree to boot.


I started as a security guard in 1998. One of the first things I noticed was the transparency of management at GardaWorld. It was clear that internal promotions were available if you were hardworking and committed. That inspired me.


Varied opportunities and lifelong learning

When I first joined GardaWorld, I was a patrolling security officer, working for mining companies, as well as for commercial properties and residences. Within the first year, I was trained to operate CCTV systems. From there, I applied and was approved for several additional GardaWorld trainings, including computer and supervision courses.

In 2006, I was appointed to act as branch manager for GardaWorld’s office in Mwanza, Tanzania. I thrived playing multiple roles, including overseeing human resource policies and supporting our sales representatives.


A supportive environment to chase your dreams

While with GardaWorld, I was accepted into Open University. My manager at the time completely supported my dream, and permitted me to attend University part-time while working. I graduated law school in 2014. After that, I was granted unpaid leave to pursue a postgraduate diploma in Legal practice at the Law School of Tanzania.

In 2018, I was sworn in as a registered advocate of the High Court of Tanzania. A year later, I became a licensed private arbitrator.

Whenever we’re training new recruits, I always take a few minutes at the beginning of our sessions to tell the new security officers about how I started as a security guard and now I’m a lawyer and branch manager. I am who I am today due to hard work, discipline, and commitment! 


The importance of finding a role you love

GardaWorld offers so many different positions. Those who want to do well in this company should find a role they love. Having a passion for your job leads you to work hard and be self-disciplined. With GardaWorld, there are always opportunities to pursue what interests you, so keep your eye set on your future goals.


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