Quebec City

GardaWorld Quebec City Cash Management and Security Services

See how GardaWorld operates in Quebec City, Quebec for the best Security and Cash Services to protect your people and assets. Located in L'Ancienne-Lorette near Hôpital Ste-Monique, Industrial Zone Carrefour du Commerce and highway 138, also 5 minutes away from the 40 Autoroute Felix-Leclerc. We offer first rate Security Services: Security Guards, Airport Security and Executive Protection.

Quebec City

1160 rue Valets
L'Ancienne-Lorette QC G2E 5Y9

Cash Services: (418) 877-9002 #

Security Services: 1-800-267-6033 #

Security Services in Quebec City, Quebec

  • Security Guards

    With our security guard services, rest assured that your people, property and assets are protected.
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  • Mobile Patrol

    Our mobile patrol services are an important part of a successful security system.
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  • Event Security

    As part of our event security services, professionals with the right experience and know-how ensure that your event runs smoothly.
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  • Executive Protection

    With our executive protection services, top-notch bodyguards and mobile security solutions protect individuals who may be exposed to increased risk.
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  • Loss Prevention

    Our loss prevention services are critical: we create an exhaustive prevention plan to help reduce your costs, prevent loss and internal fraud, and improve your inventory management.
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  • Police Force Support Services

    In order to allow police officers to focus on their front-line duties, our police support services take on certain responsibilities such as responding to lower-priority calls.
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  • Fire Protection and Confined Space Monitoring

    We provide vital expertise for the development of commercial and industrial fire safety programs with our fire protection services.
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  • Airport Security

    Our airport security services ensure that highly trained airport security personnel provide passenger screening services as well as security for all vulnerable areas.
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Cash Services in Quebec City, Quebec

  • Armored Truck Transport

    Our armored truck transport services are operated by reliable, highly trained armed security personnel and monitored in real time via our operations centers.
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  • ATM Services

    Our ATM services have you covered, from making sure that you have cash on hand to ensuring your machines are in good working order.
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  • Cash Vault Services

    Thanks to our complete cash vault services, financial institutions can process cash more quickly, securely and economically.
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As we all try to get through these crazy times, I just wanted you all to know how much we appreciate all of you for all your efforts to keep all of our Branches, ATMs, and special request on track. We know it is not easy and all you have to do to try and stay safe. You guys and your staff are our hero’s!

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Bank of Montreal

How can we help you?

You can continually make your workplace safer by performing sporadic assessments of your operations. GardaWorld security professionals provide security audit services. This type of plan can reveal existing gaps in your approach to workplace safety, and our specially trained representatives will provide you with a range of solutions to protect your operations.

Request a quote for our security audit services.

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Public access can quickly become bottlenecks, while restricted areas require special security protocols to ensure that only authorized persons can access them. Access control is essential to protect your property, staff and visitors. For example, it can be used at an event such as a music festival.

Request a quote for our security and access control services.

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The cost of hiring a security guard can vary depending on your needs. To learn more about our services, request a quote today.

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