Condo security & concierge services

Condominium security services

Rely on security experts to keep residents, guests and assets safe. 

Whether you are a property manager, a member of a condo board, or the owner of a residential complex, you know that everyone should feel comfortable in their homes knowing their building is being watched over by security professionals. 


GardaWorld’s level and quality of support has always been exceptional, reliably providing accurate and timely service.

- Jo-Anne Selvagio, Property Manager, Crossbridge Condominium Services




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Front desk & concierge services

GardaWorld’s security concierges are the face of your property and usually the first point of contact for the building’s residents, staff and guests. Our experts provide traditional and courteous front-desk services which include: 

  • Access control 
  • Resident request management 
  • Noise complaint handling 
  • Common area bookings 
  • Parking management 
  • Package tracking 
  • Move in/move out facilitation 

Our concierges are licensed security professionals. In addition to their customer service excellence training, they are trained and experienced in carrying out security guard duties.

Security guard services

Our licensed physical security guard duties include:

  • Emergency response and first aid 
  • Scheduled perimeter patrols 
  • Security risk assessments 
  • Fire safety (prevention and protection) 
  • Security systems monitoring (CCTV, alarm panel, key control) 

Our guard tour and real-time incident management system GTrackTM helps our clients make security decisions based on concrete data. 

  • Prevent issues around repairs and maintenance 
  • Know when and where the guards have done their patrol  
  • Consult video recording of interventions  
  • Access real-time electronic incident reporting  

Solutions for apartment buildings and multi-dwelling complex owners

GardaWorld’s experts can address the diverse concerns of landlords and apartment complexes owners to help you oversee the proper maintenance and operation of your various properties: 

  • Evaluating potential tenants (credit checks, rental references and more) 
  • Preventing issues around repairs and maintenance 
  • Tracking tenants in the event of «midnight move-outs» 
  • Mobile patrolling for prevention of vandalism and property damage and alarm response 

Case Study | Greens at Tam O’Shanter

For more than 25 years, GardaWorld has provided security services for two luxury condominium properties in Scarborough, Canada. Learn more about this long-standing partnership offering adaptable services based on client needs by reading this case study.

Blog post | Condo security: Only trust professionals

Whether you’re interested in implementing a security plan for a high-rise condo, a townhouse complex or an apartment building, it’s important to keep in mind that not all security services are created equal. 

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