Retail security and asset protection

Creating a safe and enjoyable shopping experience

The steady rise of online shopping alternatives has forced a significant emphasis on the guest experience for brick and mortar retail locations globally. In Canada, this means an increased focus on both a safe and secure shopping environment. Request a quote.

Over the years, GardaWorld has expanded its presence in the retail industry by providing teams of dedicated, well-trained staff that respond to our clients’ priority needs. Our retail security officers act as property ambassadors by being visible, open and accessible to assist the public – providing directions to their favourite store or reuniting separated family members. High visibility and tracking proactive customer touch points help deter undesirable activity while ensuring the property is used by those who contribute to the safe enjoyment of the property.

We provide retail security solutions for independent shops, department stores, shopping malls and chain stores across the country, including:

  • Theft, fraud and loss prevention
  • Consulting and investigations
  • Labour dispute and crisis management
  • Secure transportation
  • Cash management
  • ATM services
  • Change fund
  • Check imaging

We work behind the scenes with our security groups at the property level on items such as threat and risk analysis, CCTV systems, access control systems, fire alarm systems and traffic control.

Discover how GardaWorld has helped Canadian Tire protect various locations on a national scale.