Access control

Controlling accesses in restricted zones

Securing vulnerable areas

It is critical to identify access points and develop a security program addressing each one. Public access points can become bottlenecks, while restricted points need security protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel access them. Whether you are looking to control people and vehicles’ access to specific areas during an event or safeguard your airport, we possess the expertise and the staff resources to cover all of your security needs. Request a quote

Our access control services include:

  • Access control to restricted areas
  • Physical search
  • Cabin and baggage search
  • Continuous patrol of primary security lines, airport terminal buildings or other facilities on a 24/7 basis
  • Airside and aircraft security, including security escorts for airside operations, inspection of aircraft cabins, security in baggage area, ID verification, special security for high-risk flight destinations, limited security zone guarding, fixed based operations facilities access control (FBO) and cargo escort
  • Response to security breaches, bomb threats and all other emergencies

Discover the security program that GardaWorld implemented for the North American Leaders’ Summit, combining the use of advanced technology, screening equipment, and renowned security expertise.