Traffic management

Maintaining a consistent and unrelenting focus on safety

Highly qualified and equipped flaggers for your roadwork sites

Please note that this service currently is only available in Quebec.

GardaWorld is the reference for road security and flagging in Quebec. Our pool of trained and equipped professionals protect road users and workers. Request a quote.

All of our road safety professionals are certified by the Quebec Association of Transportation (AQTr) per the required training recognized by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTQ). Thus, they are capable of:

  • Installing and maintaining road construction signs, whether in rural or urban environment.
  • Identifying and correcting road sign defects, per the legislation.
  • Ensuring the safe management of traffic flow at a road work.
  • Effectively communicating throughout the entire road construction site.
  • Efficiently adapting road flagging and traffic management programs in the event of incidents.

GardaWorld can deploy road flaggers quickly throughout the province. We provide equipment vital to road safety, including:

  • High Visibility Safety Combinations (CSHV), according to standard MTQ.
  • Trucks with arrow boards.
  • TL3 crash cushion trucks.
  • Traffic signs.
  • Barrels of road signs.

Our teams’ priority is road safety and they contribute to facilitating traffic at road construction sites to protect the lives of your employees.

We are proud to be a sponsor of the Quebec Association of Road Flaggers to inform and educate road flaggers on the importance of their role.