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Hotels and Condo Security Services

Hotels and Condo Security Services

GardaWorld provides specialized concierge and security services for private residences, gated communities, condominium towers, and hotels. Wherever you need security and support, GardaWorld is there.

Creating safe and enjoyable spaces for guests and residents

You want your guests and residents to be able to relax and feel secure when they are on your property. In addition to their customer service excellence training, our licensed security professionals are trained and experienced in carrying out the following guard duties:

  • Access control
  • Emergency response and first aid
  • Scheduled perimeter patrols
  • Security risk assessments
  • Fire protection and prevention
  • Security systems monitoring (CCTV, alarm panel, key control)

GardaWorld can also provide mobile patrols, executive protection and event security services to further support your team

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Offering cost-effective and reliable security services that meet your needs

We invest in innovative technology to support every aspect of our hotel and condo security services offering, through:

  • The strategic mix of technology and manpower (virtual concierge, overnight patrols)
  • G/TRACK, a real-time guard management and reporting system
  • Security dashboard linked to our 24/7/365 control centers

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Providing courteous and professional security services for condominium towers

We understand owners and property managers need to call on reliable professionals to support them in a range of administrative duties. GardaWorld’s premium concierge services for condominiums provide trained personnel dressed in a sophisticated, concierge-style uniform.

Our security concierges are known for their friendly approach, empathy and respectfulness during every interaction. They are the first point of contact for residents, employees and guests; they are always professional, courteous and knowledgeable.

Demonstrating strong interpersonal skills from the start, our employees are:

  • Specially trained in customer service excellence (8 hours)
  • Highly attentive to detail and display sound judgement
  • Proactive and take the time to get to know the property and its residents well

GardaWorld’s security concierges become the face of your property, while providing traditional front-desk services such as:

  • Resident request management
  • Guest registration
  • Noise complaint handling
  • Common area bookings
  • Parking management
  • Package tracking
  • Move in/move out facilitation

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For more than 25 years, GardaWorld has provided security services for two luxury condominium properties in Scarborough, Canada. Learn more about this long-standing partnership offering adaptable services based on client needs by reading this case study.

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