GardaWorld and Big River First Nation celebrate success of security jobs and training venture

October 11, 2018

In geographically remote Indigenous communities, educational and job opportunities can be difficult to attain. Recognizing the barriers faced by young Indigenous people in Big River First Nation in Saskatchewan, GardaWorld got together with the band council in 2013 to make a difference by creating a strategic security training and jobs opportunity.


In the partnership, Big River First Nation provides a rigorous security training course and GardaWorld provides mentorship and employment opportunities for graduates who want to work for the company.


“GardaWorld is pleased with the performance of these hardworking individuals and in cases where improvements need to be made, GardaWorld will work with individuals along with the Big River First Nation office as needed,” says Derek Klein, band administrator for Big River First Nation. “This is the commitment GardaWorld has impressed and is what makes the partnership unique and outstanding.”  


A strong relationship, built over decades

For decades, GardaWorld has been working with Indigenous communities in mutually beneficial alliances. GardaWorld gains from the dedication and skills of people in these communities, and the people benefit from increased business and employment opportunities. GardaWorld currently has collaborations from coast to coast with Indigenous communities in Canada, including security training partnerships and joint ventures.


“We at Big River First Nation are delighted with our partnership with the GardaWorld Security Services and look forward to enjoying our partnership for years to come,” says Klein.


At GardaWorld, we take pride in the strong relationship we have built with Big River First Nation—as well as with other Indigenous communities—and we are grateful for the many Big River First Nation members in our ranks.