Mario: A career in security awaits you after the army

November 27, 2018

This is the first in a series of 4 profiles of veterans and reservists who have successfully made the transition to civilian life at GardaWorld.


Veteran profile: Mario

Position in the army: Reservist, Combat Engineer

Position at GardaWorld: Cash Services Team Leader


1. What do you like most about working at GardaWorld?

At the start of my security career 28 years ago, I wanted to find that team spirit again, the sense of belonging I felt in the army, and I found it in the cash room. But after a while, I missed having direct contact with customers. I worked in different departments, but then I got the itch to work on the road! So I became a cash services guard. Today, as Team Leader, I make sure that customer deliveries run smoothly, and I also manage safe deposit keys. I feel useful when I help clients resolve their day-to-day issues. For me, customer service is everything. My reward is when the customer tells my manager that I'm doing a good job.


2. How does your military experience help you in your role at GardaWorld?

In the army, I was a combat engineer. I did that for six years as a reservist on Tuesday evenings and weekends, mostly in bridge construction and obstacle course prep. I learned the importance of teamwork, knowing that my partner has my back. The importance of leadership and drive, too. We shouldn’t be afraid to get involved.  

A career in Cash Services ​​is actually similar to that of a combat engineer. We carry a weapon, we stay alert, we’re disciplined, and we keep people safe. There’s also the pride of wearing a uniform. But above all, there’s respect. At GardaWorld, we value respect, for the customer, for the employer, and for our colleagues. I always say that, in life, you have to give respect to get it.  


3. Since the launch of the reservist and veteran employment program, GardaWorld encourages veterans who already work within the organization to promote job openings to their fellow soldiers. Would you recommend a career at GardaWorld to veterans and reservists? Why?

Yes, because, like me, what they’ll find here is that sense of belonging to a family. I often meet veterans as part of my job, and I always encourage them to apply on the website.



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