Security bracelets: a simple solution for keeping kids safer at large events

August 30, 2018

GardaWorld’s Event Security team has recently launched security bracelets for children: a great option for organizers of major events who are committed to ensuring children's safety.


Kids and crowds: a constant worry

Losing your child in a crowd is a parent’s worst nightmare. Depending on the age of the child, you can implement prevention strategies by teaching them your cell phone number, showing them a meeting point to go to if they get lost, or you can slip a note with your coordinates into their pocket. But when feeling panicked, a lost child could easily forget all that.


Every year during various festivals and events, many children slip out of their parents’ sight. And while the vast majority of these misadventures end well, they cause tremendous stress for everyone and it's hard for parents not to imagine the worst-case scenario.


This is why GardaWorld offers event organizers and owners of large event sites the use of a simple but very effective solution: a security bracelet.


woman putting the bracelet to her child


Security bracelets: a simple but effective solution

Offered free of charge to parents, the security bracelet is given to the parents at the entrance of the event site so that they can write down their cell phone number and attach it to their child’s wrist. If the child gets lost, the parent can be reached immediately.


Jean-Étienne Charbonneau, account manager at GardaWorld, is particularly proud of this initiative. “It is very much appreciated by parents, for example, in La Fête du Lac des Nations in Sherbrooke, Quebec. We also used it during Formula 1 this summer, precisely because of the size of the crowd.”


The addition of these security bracelets to their Event Security solutions demonstrates once again that GardaWorld is attentive to the needs of their clients, and their clients’ clients!


Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our event security solutions.