A successful mass recruiting campaign for Calgary airport’s new terminal

December 20, 2016

On October 31, the Calgary airport, designated YYC, opened a second terminal, adding over two million square feet to Canada’s fourth largest airport.

As CATSA’s trusted partner, this required GardaWorld to massively recruit pre-boarding screening officers, managers and supervisors as well as train current and new employees in time to have a fully functional team for the official terminal opening.

Finding enough qualified candidates, who had to be aware of the demanding minimum requirements for the available positions, was a challenge that the GardaWorld recruiting team was more than willing to take-up.

Marketing programs were then considerably expanded to adequately publicize both the need for screeners and what the position entailed. These efforts, if anything, worked too well: over 2,000 people showed up for the recruitment event that took place on July 22 at the Acclaim Calgary Airport Hotel – well over the 600-700 people who were expected.

Since the terminal opening, initial feedback from both passengers and employees have been exceedingly positive: new technology and procedures have been brought together with highly trained screeners to create a safe, quick and enjoyable experience for everyone.