Lisa: GardaWorld recognizes the unique background of military personnel

January 17, 2019

This is the third in a series of 4 profiles of veterans and reservists who have successfully made the transition to civilian life at GardaWorld.


Veteran profile: Lisa Fara

Position in the army: Port Inspection Diver

Position at GardaWorld: Customer Service Manager


1. What do you like most about working at GardaWorld?


My job is mainly to ensure that clients are happy with our cash services. I haven’t been with GardaWorld for very long, but I already feel like it’s a place where I will be able to grow with the company.

I like the synergy between departments. The management team has very diverse professional backgrounds, which is really great. They always have different ideas to improve our work!  


2. How does your military experience help you in your role at GardaWorld?

I can’t really compare my current position with my job in the military, since in the army I spent most of my time underwater! As a Port Inspection Diver, I was responsible for inspecting ships. This required being in good physical and mental health and the ability to work well in a team and trust your teammates, in addition to staying up to date on the most recent equipment and protocols. When I left the army, I turned toward recruitment and human resources. In fact, I started as a recruiter at GardaWorld, which facilitated the transition.

What my military experience mainly brings is being able to work well under pressure and understanding the importance of teamwork. In Cash Services, we work closely with operations and management to ensure the process goes smoothly for clients, and also to make sure the equipment and vehicles are in good working order, the schedules are up to date, and the necessary personnel are available.


3. Since the launch of the reservist and veteran employment program, GardaWorld encourages veterans who already work within the organization to promote job openings to their fellow soldiers. Would you recommend a career at GardaWorld to veterans and reservists? Why?

Absolutely. Former military personnel who have to transition to civilian life can feel lost in a company that doesn’t have a clear structure. They are used to a hierarchy, to following the directions of people in authority. GardaWorld can help with this transition. The structure is important, and the mission is clear to employees in Cash Services. We see that GardaWorld appreciates the experience of veterans and reservists.



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